Candidate Reference Checking
How does it work?

Simple Start

Client enters the candidate(s) name and email address


Candidate receives instructions to enter personal & reference details


Referees will reply with a full reference check in a 24 – 36 hour turnaround


Check The Ref receives all the
information, applies it algorithm, and produces a report

why clients choose Check The Ref?
Time & Cost Savings

By automating the reference checking process our clients have a direct time saving, so they can spend more time on their priority tasks.

Deeper Candidate Insights

We can verify & validate the information provided by references to deliver new insights to our clients.

Security of Information

By standardising the process across our client’s business we allow our clients to capture all of their job applicants information safely in one place on a secure platform. This eliminates the possibility of any company or personal information being hacked, stolen or tampered with.

Quicker Turnaround

Check The Ref will always seek to deliver a reference check within 48 hours. If we have any issues contacting a referee then our team will work with the candidate to find alternative methods of contact or source a new referee. This allows for a speedy turnaround from final interview to job offer and for your team to plan effectively.

Reporting Tools

Our advanced reporting tools are unique to Check The Ref. We allow clients to monitor the progress of an application, as well as test the strength and eligibility of a referee.

Up to date progress

The team at Check The Ref keep our clients up to date on the progress of a reference check. Clients will be able to use a live tracker on our online application to monitor the progress. We don’t want any headaches for our clients so if there are any problems then our live team will recognise these and update the client with a quick resolution.

Inscape Horticultre

I came across Check The Ref when looking to conduct police checks. I liked the process as it was very professional which also reflected well on my business. I now use it for both employment references and police checks.

Mark Cvetkovski
Lumin Hospitality

I used Check The Ref to take away the extra admin I was constantly facing hiring contractors. I found the process really quick and easy to use and would recommend it to anyone in a similar situation. It made my onboarding process a lot faster.

Why we provide these services
We believe in giving everyone a fair chance
and our reference checks are consistent, the data secure and referees rated by score. This prevents anyone from tampering with the reference that comes direct from the referee.
Some companies wish to use Check The Ref’s services
even when engaging with an external recruitment company as a more secure and consistent method of gathering the data.