Police Checks
How does it work?

Simple Start

If a client requires a candidate’s police check then a link will be sent to the job applicant where they will need to fill out a very easy and straight forward online form.


Candidates can upload 100 points of ID and Check The Ref will report back to both candidate and client on the outcome and provide copies of the certificates.


For our clients, this information will also be collected on the candidate’s online profile against the job.

Benefits of Police Checking with Check The Ref
Accredited Agency

Check The Ref work in partnership with National Crime Check who are an Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) accredited agency, so you can have full confidence of obtaining a reliable and recognised police check.


Check The Ref offer you the ability to complete a police check anywhere, from almost any device. Save time by completing your forms on the go without having to queue at the local police station or post office.

Super Fast!

Why wait for weeks for your Police check to come through in the post when you could have it the next day? Most checks come back within 24 hours.


Collect all of your new / potential employee information together in one secure, online platform. Make the process quick, simple and easy for your hiring managers and candidates to use with absolutely everything done online.

Inscape Horticultre

I came across Check The Ref when looking to conduct police checks. I liked the process as it was very professional which also reflected well on my business. I now use it for both employment references and police checks.

Mark Cvetkovski
Lumin Hospitality

I used Check The Ref to take away the extra admin I was constantly facing hiring contractors. I found the process really quick and easy to use and would recommend it to anyone in a similar situation. It made my onboarding process a lot faster.

Why we provide these services
Police checks protect your company
from hiring any individual who may not be an appropriate fit for your business. Often a personal reference is not enough and a referee may not be aware of any convictions an individual may hold.
A police check will allow complete transparency
on any findings of guilt and will enable a business to make a hiring decision according to their own company policy and guidelines.